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//Support Senate Bill 275

Protect Our State Forests!

Urge your State Senator to Support SB 275 TODAY!

Hiking in Indiana State Forest Backcountry AreaAt this very moment, Indiana’s State Forests are being decimated. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has plans to sell off 97% OF OUR STATE FOREST ACRES to the timber industry. This radical policy leaves no state forestland for you and your children to hike, camp, backpack in wild nature, undisturbed! That’s why need Senate Bill 275.

What is Senate Bill 275?

SB 275 is a bill currently before the Indiana State Legislature that:

  • Designates at least 30% of each of Indiana’s 13 State Forests as a protected “old forest area.”

  • Prohibits timber management in these designated old forest areas.

  • Guarantees public access to old forest areas for hunting, fishing, and other recreational uses.

  • Ensures the Dept. of Forestry follows through on its sustainability commitments.

  • Restores ecological balance to our vitally important State Forests.

Sounds perfectly reasonable doesn’t it – protecting a mere 30% of our State Forests from commercial logging?

Which is why this bill has strong bipartisan support.

And the support of scientists. Last November, 240 scientists across Indiana wrote a letter in support of setting aside a portion of our state forests to age naturally.  It’s called balance!


A Forest is a Community not a Commodity!Tell him/her you think protecting 30% of Indiana State Forests is very reasonable… and the right thing to do – for our heritage, for our enjoyment, for a balanced approach.

Why do we citizens need to speak up? Because the timber industry is lobbying hard to stop this bill. The trees in our State Forests are simply dollar signs to them. The DNR is so bent on their logging agenda, they set up a website in opposition to this one (after all, imitation is the finest form of flattery). Their so-called truth site is rife with innuendo, mischaracterization and otherwise does not represent a complete statement of the issues as it falsely intimates that everything is fine in the forest under the status quo.

The bottom line is: these are YOUR public forests, and you deserve a say in how they are managed. For example, is it fair that a popular hiking trail, the Tecumseh Trail, has been closed or re-routed 14 times since 2010, due to logging? What’s the priority here?

To stop this – you need to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

Contact your State Senator and urge him/her to support and co-sponsor SB 275 TODAY! Click the button below to find your lawmakers’ contact info:


Why Are “Old Forest” Areas So Important?

SB 275 designates 30% of each of Indiana’s 13 State Forests as “old forest” areas. What exactly does that mean? Old forest areas:

  • Serve as truly wild recreation areas for camping, hiking, hunting, birding, etc.

  • Preserve clean water supplies and soil.

  • Protect endangered species.

  • Provide places to study plant and animal life.

  • Are majestic environments.

Endangered Indiana BatBAT-LESS? Logging old forest areas, like the ones in Yellowwood, destroys the natural habitat of endangered animals like the Indiana Bat, Pygmy Shrew, and Gray Fox. These creatures need large tracts of mature forest to survive.

We knew it was important before… so what happened?

Protecting our State Forests was something we had always done… at least until 2005, when the timber industry lobbied the state government for the right to poach public forests. Prior to 2005, under Indiana state policy, 40% of State Forests were protected from logging. SB 275 is only asking for 30%. More than reasonable.

The state’s largest news outlet, the IndyStar, put it plainly: “The state needs to adopt a more balanced approach to managing all of its natural resources.” [IndyStar editorial, 11/4/17].


THANK YOU for taking action to protect more of Indiana’s State Forests.

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